Floating Shelf Brackets - Size's Range From: 10"L to 46"L Brackets

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This Listing is for ONE FLOATING BRACKET OR ONE INSTALL KIT (Depending on what product you select, please read description for details). Each number quantity represents how many brackets you would like.

For Example:
"Quantity: 1 = One Bracket
Quantity: 2 = Two Brackets
And so on..."

Our Flat Bar Rod design has been specially engineered and designed to out perform round bar designs. Because of its Flat Bar design, it is now 100% more buyer friendly. It has the accuracy of a 90 degree angle but can still adjust side to side if a hole on the shelf is missed drilled. Anyone that has worked with floating brackets know that with a round bar design. Once you drill a hole in the shelf, and if your round tubing doesn't line up, you pretty much have to scrap the bracket or get a new shelf and start again. With our design, you are able to adjust the rods side to side to ensure a perfect fit every time regardless if you miss drill the hole slightly.
Weight Limits exceed round tubing as well. Were round tubing will collapse and bend down on weight pressure, our rods are solid and because of the flat bar design and placement, the pressure is distributed evenly throughout the rod to ensure it holds rigid.
Install and drilling is a breeze. no more trying to find a 5/8" or 3/4" drill bit that requires a drill press to use it. Simply Purchase a 1/2" drill/auger bit(Most Common Drill Bit Size and Buyer Friendly). Once holes are drilled, the Flat Bar fits perfectly in side with no movement.
Who said you need a round rod to fit a round hole? Not anymore!
Any Questions, please feel free to ask!


Floating shelf brackets can support floating shelves from 7" to 12" depth with a thickness of 1.5" to 6" thick.
Brackets have a 1" wide x 1/4" Thick back bar plate and 6" long x 1/2" Flat Bar Rods.

Rods Per Floating Bracket sizes:
Brackets 10 - 30 Inch = 2 Rods
Brackets 34 - 46 Inch = 3 Rods

Estimate Bracket Weight Limits:
Brackets 10 - 30 Inch = 100 LBS EVENLY DISTRIBUTED WEIGHT
Brackets 34 - 46 Inch = 150 LBS EVENLY DISTRIBUTED WEIGHT

Note: Weight limits are based on a Licensed Professional contractor installs them properly into wood blocking or studs. Drywall anchors will not hold the same weight.

**A Licensed Professional will need to install all brackets into wall blocking or studs.**

Holes are cut at 1/4"x3/4" slotted holes and are 1" in from each end and 4" OC through out the length of the bracket. If the holes do not line up with a wall stud, the bracket back bar can be easily drilled with a standard 1/4" drill bit to create a hole that does line up. Holes are NOT Countersunk because we recommend using Pan Head screws to ensure a strong hold.

***Mounting Screws and Wood NOT INCLUDED, because every project is different... You need to use appropriate hardware for your project.***

The weight capacity of these brackets may vary due to the thickness of your shelf and length of bracket. Each bracket has been tested and is capable of holding 50 lbs per horizontal rod (this is achieve only if a licensed professional installs them into wall studs).
Please Note: If the bracket is mounted with only drywall anchors, assume 10 lbs per rod. (Using drywall anchors exclusively, only works well for shelves no deeper than 6". Any deeper and they will likely pull out.) If you do plan to use only drywall anchors, We recommend using Drywall Toggles instead. A good brand we recommend is "TOGGLER" from Lowes.com



Install kits are designed for and to be used with Csonka's Custom Rustics Floating Brackets.




-1/2" Drill Bit and Mounting Screws NOT included.

-Router NOT included

-Chisel NOT included.

-Floating Bracket NOT included

Brackets are NOT pre-made. That means orders do require handling time to be made. To know your handling time, please email us for a more accurate handling time on product before purchasing. Most brackets will be shipped with the 2 Day Express Air Mail. However, increase in quantity may be ineligible for the 2 Day Shipping** Please know that carrier handling times may change(shipping carriers vary due to holidays and weather).

We use FEDEX 2 DAY EXPRESS AIR MAIL on almost all stock brackets.
***Note: Some PO BOX and FEDEX address restrictions may apply. Not all packages qualify for 2 day mail service. For those we use a Priority Mail service 2-7 day.
***Note: Estimated delivery may change due to holidays, weather conditions and/or unforeseen circumstances. Please know anything pre-made and ordered Friday and/or over the weekend will get shipped the next following business day. We do NOT operate or ship over the weekends.
Please email us if you have any concerns.


Bracket Installing Instructions are included.
**Please Note: All brackets must be installed into studs or wall blocking. Failure to do so may result in shelves that sag, falling objects or even serious injuries.**

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