Basket Hanger Hook Bracket

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This Listing is for ONE BRACKET. Each number quantity represents how many brackets you would like.

For Example:
"Quantity: 1 = One Leg Bracket
Quantity: 2 = Two Leg Brackets
And so on..."
If you need a custom quantity, please contact us so we can set that up for you.

Light Weight Leg Brackets
•Metal Size: 1.5" Wide x 3/16" Thick.
•Flex: Please know that these brackets will flex slightly with the weight added to them, please anchor them properly.
•Weight Limit: Varies in size you pick, but all brackets are tested with 50lb each bracket.
•Angle of Legs: 90 Degrees (Straight)
•Metal Lip Size: top lip with holes in it for bolting to your table/seat is 3" lip. the hole sizes are drilled with a 1/4" bit.
•Color: Raw Rusty Metal.
•Surface Texture: flat textured.
•Stain/Coat: Clear Gloss coated.
•Weather Proof: Yes, Indoor or outside.

Shipping Handling Time:
Brackets are NOT Pre-Made. This means that I start making your order soon as you purchase the size you need. Turn around handling time is: 4-6 business days for me to make, plus the shipping carrier handling times(shipping carriers vary due to holidays and weather).

***Wall-mounting hardware is not included, because every wall is different...
You need to use appropriate screws to fit your project.***

Please Note: All drilled holes, lengths and height sizes may be a little bit off. But we try to keep them as uniform as possible. They are not manufactured produced and hand bent, so they can be a little off on sizes.